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The DJI GoPro?!

Image courtesy of Trusted Reviews

The Osmo first glance you may have thought you were looking at the next GoPro, and rightfully so! No denying the similar design but is it comparable to the real GoPro? And has DJI finally broken into the action camera industry? For years people were strapping gopros to drones, even before DJI was the monster it is today. But, with the addition of this DJI Osmo Action, it could replace any need for a gopro for existing and new DJI Users. So whats the hype about? Well, the DJI Osmo Action packs quite a massive punch in such a small body. Take a seat, this will blow you away: front and rear touch screens, GoPro level 5-axis stabilization, 4K HDR video, 8x Slowmo, waterproof up to 11 meters, 1080p display, timelapse features, custom shooting modes, voice control, 3 layers of protective covering which also has anti fingerprint coating, more efficient cooling system, and to top it all off in DJI fashion, it has its own companion app.

Wow, that was an eyefull right? So hands on, what can you expect? Its same ergonomic design as a GoPro would prove, as we already know, to be extremely efficient. The biggest difference from the most recent GoPro, would be the front facing screen. It was already a massive reveal when GoPro added their rear touch screen to replace the buttons, and increase water resistance (keep in mind, water proof and water resistant are very very differeent). This revolutionary yet simple addition of a front screen is going to improve your framing tenfold. Most of the features are things we have seen already, but, to have DJI just drop something this massive, and this sucessful is mind blowing.

With the crash (literally) of the GoPro Karma drone a few years ago, which was GoPros first attempt to break into DJIs market, I fully believe this is DJIs stab back to reiterate their dominence of the market. Power move? Maybe. Could GoPro answer back with a successful drone platform to combat DJI? I wouldn't be surprised.

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