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DJI's Best Drone to Date?

Mavic Zoom (left) and Mavic Pro 2 (right)


With the massive success DJI saw with the Mavic Pro and its various models, it's no surprise that we are now looking at two more brand new drones, each sporting something very special! Previously everyone had assumed that it would be one drone instead of two seperate drones as we see now. As good as the Mavic Pros were, a few complaints were the image quality and the lack of lens versatility as well as sub par obstacle avoidance. Although the platinum version fixed some of this, there was still more that people wanted. These two drones fix every one of those issues and more. Some of the top highlights are a 31 minute battery life, the upgraded "silent" props now come standard, bulkier design tweaking some previous design flaws, a top speed of nearly 60mph and of course the camera upgrades. So what are they you ask? The Pro 2 offers the same camera you see on the Phantom 4 Pro, Pro + and Obsidian models as well as the Inspire 2's camera, the X4s. While there is lmited test footage available right now, it can be assumed it will rival the existing 1-inch sensorDJI currently produces. The zoom on the other hand is not combined with the upgraded snsor, however it is a step up from the standard mavic pro in terms of quality, but now with the added capability of a 2x optical zoom. this has many practical uses such as inspections, or allowing you to be farther away from a sensitive subject, or even creating paralax effects in videography.

This particular drone will no doubt be a powerfull tool in any content creators camera bag. And the big question of course, pricing! This may surprise you but the Mavic Zoom comes in cheaper at $1250.00 an the Mavic pro 2 just a bit higher at $1450.00. A lot will decide which one you buy, so consider what you will use the drone for and any instances you may want or need a zoom camera, or a higher quality camera. In my personal opinion, the zoom is great for those drone operators or photographers who already own a drone and dslr setup, but could benefit from a smaller more compact drone that offers zoom capability as well as prolonged battery and did we mention compact size? But if you are looking to start or up your game from a spark or mavic air, I would suggest the Mavic pro 2, coming in at just under what you'd pay for a Phantom 4 Pro, but offering you all that and more, not to mention the famous fly more bundles that will enhance your experience.

With all that being said, it's not becoming a question of what drone to buy, but rather which DJI drone to buy. They continue to dominate, so lets see how these new additions hold up!

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