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The Return of the Mavic

We were all amazed by DJI when they released the Mavic Pro, and then again late 2017 when they released the Spark. Now, they do it again! The Mavic Air is not what it seems, from a drone of this size, you would expect maybe similar stats to that of its predecesor, the spark. But no, in fact it's the other way around this time. The Air is now playing with the likes of the Mavic and closing in on that of the Phantoms series! By a longshot, I believe this will be many peoples favorite option for getting into aerial imaging. The Spark was previously my choice, offering decent video and photo stats, but with the Mavic Air, we now see 4K @30 video as before and 12mp photos, but now an added spherical panoramas, gesture control, 21 minutes of flight, and more! With the Air, you can expect a huge advantage over the spark, for a similar price range as well. You now have more peace of mind flying due to seven on board cameras for obstacle avoidance. The drone itself is no bigger than your iPhone 8 Plus, resulting in a 41% decrease in size in respect to the Mavic Pro. Although the Mavic Pro has the edge on battery life, you have to take into consideration that it is much bigger and therefore a bigger battery, but not by much. This being a cheaper drone, extra batteries wont 't break the bank! The DJI Mavic Air - Fly More Bundle is available on their site for $1000, which sets you up guessed it, fly more! To put it in perspective pricewise, you could buy a standard Mavic Pro for that much but without all the extra goodies included in DJIs notoriously helpful combo deals. If you'd like to see a full practical review of the Mavic Air, check out this link below to one of my favorite youtubers, or head to DJIs site to buy one now!


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