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This Drone Gives You Superpowers!

No, I'm not kidding, the DJI Spark really feels like magic! This new line of drones is aimed at consumers 100% this time. Starting at just $499 ($399 if you click on the ad below) it is now their cheapest drone, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's just another drone. This gives you all of the cool features a mavic would give you, but even smaller! Size isn't the only advantage here, aside from being extremely portable and versatile, you get preset flight maneuvers, gesture control which means you can control it like a jedi now! You also have the option not to use a remote if thats your style. Parts are dirt cheap and all around this drone is extremely affordable in comparison to the rest of the DJI lineup, but without compromising quality. They come in a wide variety of awesome colors to suit your style. This is by far the perfect christmas gift, providing a unique experience and unlimited opportunities for amazing photos. If you or someone you know is thinking about getting into drones, this is the right place to start. And, with Affirm payment plans, you don't have to front the money all at once. This truely is one amazing drone, check out the video above to learn more!

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