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Mavic Pro Platinum

I am impressed with DJI this time. The Mavic Pro (and recently the Platinum and white edition) have blown my mind in terms of performace price and size. This drone is everything you could ask for in a high end drone but at a price that is quite fair for what you get in the box. You're given 4K video, 12mp stills, intelligent flight modes, obstacle avoidance, 3-axis gimbal and a 30 minute battery with the ability to fold up the size of your palm for quick and easy storage. Of course for $1000 you can buy the very similar Phantom 4, but it's not the best option as one might think. The advantages we see with the Mavic are its portability, size, but more importantly, the upkeep and cost over time. If you do buy a drone, you will find yourself wanting more flight time, even with the 30 minute battery. That is one of the strengths here as mavic parts are very cheap, with batteries costing only $50 compared to that of the Phantom at $175 or the inspire which requires two at $160 a piece. You can see that this all adds up quickly. For anyone unsure about drones, but know that it's something they'd like to look into, in this case I wouldsay the mavic is your best bet here. If you do decide to quit it, you wont be out too much money and theyre a hot selling drone, so resale wont be a problem. You also have quite a selections as well, with the release of the Mavic Platinum and White edition, you get quieter props, longer bettery, and a few awesome colors too! Another fun fact is that the Mavic community is popular for vinyl wrapping they drones, there are some crazy creations out there! If you think you may want something a bit more professional take a look at the DJI Phantom blog post for more informations.

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