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Introducing the DJI Phantom 4 Pro!

Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom series is probably the best know drone around the world. It has been DJIs flagship drone for years, and now there's a new member to the family. The all new Phantom 4 Pro offers unmatched aerial imaging for its size and price range. You get all the cool features without the uncool price. This includes obstacle avoidance, autonomous flight modes, active track, return to home, and a range of over a mile boasting a bettery life of 30 minutes! To fly, you can simply use your phone or tablet, or you can buy one of DJIs top notch CrystalSky Monitors for optimal performance. This drone , although above the $1000 mark, is surprisingly easy to fly and setup if you have never done this before. And it even comes all packed up in a perfectly sized portable carry case for travel! All these specs sound like an awesome deal to me but after flying one myself, I can definitely say that surprisingly, the stats don't lie! For anyone wanting to take the first step in starting their own drone imaging business, this is by a long shot the drone for you. Check it our for yourself.

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