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  • What is aerial imaging?
    Aerial imaging includes photography, video, 3D mapping and more, all utilizing a drone. Before drones, you would need to charter a helicopter or small airplane, which would cost you much more than contracting a drone operator.
  • What can drones be used for?
    Drones have nearly endless uses. Besides the usual real estate, inspections and the like, there are more uses such as filming sports games and practices for review, live event coverage, a unique live streaming platform via Facebook and YouTube, construction observation and timeline coverage, car shows and more!
  • How much does aerial imaging cost?
    No two clients are the same, and why should you be treated as just another number? So pricing is based specifically on each clients individual needs. This allows us to tailor charges based on only the services you need, keeping your cost low and leave you with an end product you can be proud of. We take pride in the work we do, providing the highest quality work possible, perfectly customized to fit your needs. Send us an email today to get your free quote!
  • Can you fly indoors?
    Yes. We often fly indoors and can safely fly thru larger doorways as well.
  • Where are you located and what areas do you service?
    We are located in the greater Portland / Vancouver area, and serving up to seattle and down to central oregon. Travel is included in the quoted price and will travel larger distances upon request. That being said, we LOVE to travel! If you want to get us on a project that is requires a plane or a long drive then all we ask is that you pay basic travel and lodging expenses.
  • How far and high are you allowed to fly?
    The UAS must remain within the Pilot in Command's line of sight at all times, and our height ceiling is 400 feet (122 meters) AGL by law, or if within an obstruction such as a tower, up to 400 feet over said tower.
  • How long can you fly?
    Flight time runs 27 minutes as advertised by DJI. However, that time is tested in optimal conditions and only hovering. 90% of the time the drone is actually moving around, so we usually see a more realistic time of 20 minutes including a few minutes extra battery left upon landing as per lipo battery care instructions. It is also a safety thing to keep enough battery upon coming to land in case of emergency.
  • Does aerial imaging actually provide positive results?
    The answer obviously is YES! Aerial photos have proven to increase the rate at which homes are sold by nearly 60%! Selling homes quicker can lead to an increased overall number of homes sold, due to selling homes quicker than before, and turn more profit as a result. Please refference this study for a more accurate understanding of why drones play a critical part in real estate. For example, with large properties, drones can show off selling points of different areas of the property such as a pool, barn, guest home, water features, new roof, large yard, amazing views, and proximity to neighbors.
  • How does payment work?
    In most cases, Five50DroneSolutions will require a 50% down payment (cash, check, or online payment such as PayPal, or Venmo) in all circumstances before being added to the official 2018 photo/video shoot calendar. If one does not wish to secure a spot in advance, 50% of the total bill will still be required to paid upfront at least 48 hours before the start day and time of the photo or video shoot. If you do not wish to pay farther than 48 hours in advance to secure a date in ahead of time, priority will be given to those who do and then in order after that for proprietary purposes. Half of the initial down payment will be refunded in the case of a cancelation as long as said cancellation is not within 48 hours, and will not be given for rescheduled shoots. Rescheduling fees may apply. After any kind of photo or video work is initiated (defined as arriving on site) or the 48 hour time period before the starting date and time is entered, no refunds will be given for any reason in any amount. The final 50% or remaining bill to be paid will be delivered upon inspection of the final footage, via watermarked photo or video or an in person meeting. Upon approval of said footage, payment will be received and the final unmarked footage delivered. No exceptions.
  • Are you 14 CFR Part 107 Certified?
    We are! You can trust that you will have a professional experience, abiding by local laws to give you great content, safely and efficiently. Knowing your local laws, airspace rules, techniques, and proper flight proceedures are important, and you should only hire a certified pilot. Not sure if they are? Ask to see their Part 107 certificate/card. Oh and did I mention, we passed with a 90%?!
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